Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Condos: If and How to Notify the Community When a Resident Tests Positive

By Javier Zayas-Bazan, Attorney at Law ( Are Condominium Residents Obligated to Notify Associations of a Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis? There is no clear legal requirement that a condominium resident must notify his or her condominium administration of a Covid-19 diagnosis. However, many condominium administrations are encouraging residents to notify them if they test positive. The apparentContinue reading “Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Condos: If and How to Notify the Community When a Resident Tests Positive”

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Condos: Best Practices – A Brief Management Guide

As a CAM navigating this Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, you should become an expert at getting informed from the appropriate authorities and applying that information to community association management. By Javier Zayas-Bazan, Attorney at Law ( Protect and Promote the Health, Safety and Welfare of the Community Everything that a CAM does these days will beContinue reading “Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Condos: Best Practices – A Brief Management Guide”

Risks of Buying at Foreclosure Auction

The two primary risks associated with a foreclosure acquisition are title and physical risks. Title Risk When buying at a foreclosure sale, there is no warranty on title–express or implied–by the court, lender plaintiff, plaintiff attorney(s) or clerk of the court. The bidder at auction buys the title “as-is” and assumes the risk of titleContinue reading “Risks of Buying at Foreclosure Auction”