Corporate Law

Business law is best served with a business background.

Your lawyer should understand the nature of your business and its goals. At Zayas Bazan Law your business lawyer is guaranteed to have a business background.

General Counseling

Businesses have lots of moving parts. We have the tools and resources to make it all work smoothly with legal counseling founded in legal, financial, and management know-how.

Business Structuring

New businesses can be the launchpad of great success. We design business vehicles and joint ventures equipped to meet market challenges and fit for a successful journey.


Take your business to the next level with a franchise model customized to ensure scalability, consistency, and compliance with an emphasis on executing your strategy, preserving goodwill, and securing your intellectual property.

Business Financing

Accredited investors and institutional investors need access to innovative business purpose loan programs tailored to meet their business and investment strategies. With a network of private equity lenders, we are ready to serve.


Interfacing with state and federal licensing authorities to get you the greenlight on running your business. Preparing and submitting applications


Whether there is a need to enforce a contract, collect a debt, protect an interest, or defend against a lawsuit, we are prepared to advocate for our clients.

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